“Bold Persuasion” Large Canvas Wrap


An acrylic style abstract vortex of red/gold and white/black. Colors of authority, professionalism, and confidence will surely impress those who gaze upon it.

A potentially powerful piece to display in an office or other professional setting with confident colors. As red drives a sense of excitement and energy, and gold brings forward luxury and prestige, the combination of the two make a loud statement. In the world of business, a red tie is known as the power tie as it conveys strength, power, and dominance. By blending with the prestige of gold, the two convey a strong statement. Further, it is backed by a black/white contrast that brings a layer of professionalism. Well-placed in a room alongside a confident persona, and you will find it complements your ability to persuade others. This is the motivation behind the title “Bold Persuasion”.

Displayed in a proper setting, this piece can affirm your status and confidence. High-quality printing and the illusion of depth in the paint will truly amaze you when you unbox this, especially as a canvas wrap. The details are so crisp and fine that upon initial glance it appears that this is hand painted with thick acrylic paint. And don’t stop with the design, make your bold statement even bolder with our large print! Spanning three feet wide and two feet high (36″ x 24″) as a canvas wrap or poster, our large wall art pieces quickly become the focal point of the room!

Poster options for this print are here: Bold Persuasion Poster

Wrap Types

Black Wrap


12×18 inch, 16×24 inch, 20×30 inch, 24×36 inch